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Custom white wood wardrobe with grey silk door, grey floral and bird wallpaper

Zoya's Favorites

Notable interiors & accessories


"After spending well over two decades thoroughly devoted to design and the search for new discoveries in design, whether explorations or excavations, I can safely say I’ve seen a whole lot."

- Zoya Bograd, ASID

Large stuffed giraffe, two custom white wood cribs with grey upholstery, floral and bird wallpaper

          here remains nothing quite like the boundless optimism and wonder that forms the window through which a child perceives the very world around them. Not a single day goes by that I don’t find myself feeling grateful and blessed to share in even a glimpse of such whimsy overtaking my own worldview. Not everyone feels the same of course, and I have little doubt that every parent has, at one time or another, heard their child wish to either be grown up already or perhaps never grow up at all.


“Every age is beautiful in... its own way”

Is how I responded to my own daughter every time I happened to hear her wish away from her current age. Even now, after years and years, I still feel it’s the truth. After all, the very same sentiment alligns rather nicely with my equally longstanding approach to design. With a core push for constant rediscovery and redefinition found at the heart of either. In the name of rediscovery, for this final chapter I’d like to do something a little different and share some of my favorite designs, from truly traditional themes to modernized classic values, and everything in between. The following pages chronicle just a few of my latest favorites. As of this book’s latest edition: these are the furniture pieces and interior designs I simply couldn’t forget.

Needlepoint - White Rabbit, Alice in Wonderland


Needlepoint - Mad Hatter, Alice in Wonderland


Needlepoint - Tweedledee and Tweedledum, Alice in Wonderland


Needlepoint - Cheshire Cat, Alice in Wonderland


Needlepoint - Alice in Wonderland


Needlepoint - Queen of Hearts, Alice in Wonderland


Hand Stitched & Framed Needlepoint Art

Custom grey and wood crib in blue toned nursery
Custom grey and white wood chest of draws

Zoya B’s TEMPO collection open crib and six drawers dresser/changer in grey cerused ash with modern high gloss white.

Custom grey and white wood chest of draws, tv on wall, book shelf
Custom grey and wood crib in pink toned nursery
Custom white wood crib with  white bedding and canopy

Working with the existing room I added a layer of white and pink to turn it into a nursery.

White recliner nursery chair and foot stool
Children's white wood table with two chairs, two stuffed rabbit dolls
Children's custom white wooden desk and chair

Vintage Italian tole ballon chandelier adds a certain whimsy to this little girl’s nursery. – collaboration with Michael Simon

Children's nursery, white wood table with two chairs, two stuffed rabbit dolls,  vintage italian tole balloon chandelier
Children's nursery, white wood table with two chairs, two stuffed rabbit dolls,  vintage italian tole balloon chandelier
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