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Large stuffed giraffe, brown leather quilted and buttoned moses basket

Harry & Indy's Room

As seen at the Holiday House New York, NY

Benefiting Susan G. Komen


“You must always remember… you are Braver than you believe, Stronger than you seem, and Smarter than you think.”

- Christopher Robin

Bookcase, stuffed animals, books

     or the 2019 Holiday House I knew I’d wanted to do a gender-neutral nursery for two from the start, but didn’t truly feel the inspiration set in for this space until I’d heard about how this gorgeous zodiac constellations rug was designed with antique maps in mind. Suddenly, my mind just jumped to treasure maps, treasure hunting, Indiana Jones, and of course Christopher Robin’s adventures in the Hundred Acre Wood. It all came together when I remembered just how beloved the series’ had been to my nephews in their younger years.


Grey nursery reclining chair, footstool, stuffed animal

             ll throughout the room are toy animals of every shape and size from tiny plush toys on shelves, to a Steiff riding pony, to a massive 8 - foot giraffe (which is the size of a live baby giraffe) that watches over our tufted bassinet. As a joke, because nurseries ought to remain pristine, I decided to keep the giraffe’s construction booties on his hoofs. After all, to inspire laughs is to inspire lasting impressions.


Large stuffed giraffe, brown leather quilted and buttoned moses basket, custom 4 poster acrylic crib, large blue zodiac rug
Small white shelves, wood tiled wall, baby changing table, stuffed animals, handmade needlepoint
Stuffed rocking horse, blue zodiac rug, brown and beige checked drapes

Zoya B’s “Soho” Collection dresser / changer and book case combines solid walnut frames with luxurious faux-shagreen upholstery and translucent acrylics creating a fresh and unique approach to mid century modern in spired design.

Custom white and brown wooden chest of drawers

               ith a deep navy backdrop our rug prominently features stunning illustrations of each constellation in the zodiac family – all of which serve to both dazzle and navigate visitors to the focal point of the room: a stunning 4-poster acrylic crib perfectly placed to frame our Christopher Robin quote between its posts.

When I saw this rug, and heard its backstory, it’s celestial subject matter was heavily inspired by the aesthetic found in any number of antique maps across our historical canon – in particular, the precedents set to navigate with the stars, my mind just jumped immediately from the beautiful constellations to treasure maps, treasure hunting, and of course to Indiana Jones.


Navy and white zodiac rug in children's nursery
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