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Custom green upholstered children's chairs with rabbit stuffed animals in dresses in front of fire place

Sleeping Beauty-Teen

Westchester Designer Showhouse


"For the transformation… of a child’s room to their teen room, there can also be a simple solution. Through my experience as a mother, I find that there is one common thing that is very important to all teenagers; sleep."

Zoya Bograd, ASID

White  painted custom wooden children's desk with pink accents

             aking a sleeping teenager often comes with many bad repercussions. However, by having a bed that caters to their love for sleep as well as your love for beauty, I believe it’s pretty easy to keep you and your teen happy.The focal point of the room is the ZoyaB. Princess 4-Poster Bed. Parents ask me, for what age this bed is appropriate, and I tell them that while designing it I was inspired by a bed that belonged to a Swedish Baroness. In my mind, it is appropriate for ages from 3-103. The solid wood frame is hand finished with formaldehyde-free paints, such that the brush strokes themselves are visible.


White painted wooden chair with stuffed animal rabbit in dress in front of window

    feel as though this technique… generates a similar manifestation as the clean and serious style of the late 18th century, perfect for those growing girls ready to embrace the elegance of growing up. This room is also easy to transform into a guest bedroom once your child is out of the house. Keeping the furniture pieces from your teenager’s room will transform this bedroom into a coveted room that is sure to impress your guests. It is a design that keeps on giving. As a young child goes into pre-adulthood, the adolescent is in the process of change, transformation and development. It is very important in any of the ZoyaB teen rooms to cultivate and proliferate the understanding of the journey in life. When in the rooms the character has to reflect the inspiration and essence of the individual. The teenagers energy, vision, fantasy, ideas will all come together when working towards and collectively putting together a well balanced, and well organized space. Which sometimes doesn’t always stay that way!


Custom white 4 poster bed with pink bedding in children's bedroom

       his desk included... is a part of my ZoyaB. Signature Collection...Kids furniture redefined. Zoya.B Princess Collection is handmade in America with leading environmental and people friendly materials. ZoyaB. Princess Collection is designed and manufactured for a lifetime and generations to come employing old world craftsmanship and attention to perfection in every piece. Each solid wood drawer interior has dovetail joints and is fitted with full extension under-mount drawer glides that close softly to the touch. ZoyaB. Princess Collection is painted with zero VOC paint, is Formaldehyde Free, and is socially and environmentally friendly from the start. 


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