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Custom crib in boy's nursery, blue murals, adventure at sea theme

Johnny's Room

Merrywood Designer Showhouse


"Nurturing the Potential of Our Whole Family… From the moment I heard such a sincere mission statement, I was ecstatic to begin my work with the Greenwich YMCA organization."

Zoya Bograd, ASID

Custom blue wooden chest of drawers and wardrobe, pink upholstered armchair, blue wall murals

        fter all, they provide an unparalleled environment when it comes to both childcare and youth, as well as family development. And so with high spirits at the contribution ahead, I thought about how important the educative influences that com in contact with a child’s formative years can be and decided to imbue the space with as much educationally stimulating, yet still equally magical design.


Blue toned wall murals of ships, custom wooden bookshelf and table and chairs

    t is Never too Early to Have a History Lesson… If educational materials surround a child from the time he/she was born, in his/her nursery for example, they can only be better equipped when they start school and will quickly become a well-rounded person into adulthood. In embracing the core idea of teaching in bedroom spaces, the nautical themed “Johnny’s Room”, contains murals regarding American history that span across three complete walls. The voyages of the Mayflower, Amerigo Vespucci and Christopher Columbus are all equally represented, as I wanted them to tell a story.


Bespoke metal crib, two white doors, blue ship, ocean and clouds wall murals
Wall mural showing "voyages to the new world" text on scroll in blue tone
Bespoke metal baby crib with layer blue and white bedding

         nd the Sea will Grant Each Man New Hope, as Sleep Brings Dreams of Home… Though the baby I imagined for this room may not be able to read it yet, in time I’d hope for the famous Christopher Columbus quote to grow into a source of comfort. It’s meaning changing in tandem with the child’s growth. It is due to this desire for longevity that I chose to include pieces from my signature ZoyaB. Collection of custom American-made luxury baby furniture. Above the room, Johnny’s Ship Chandelier serves as another focal point for the room.

Custom blue wooden chest of drawers with baby changing table


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